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Simple Steps for Starting Your Business

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Start-up Basics Workshop to be held March 13, 2014

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April 7, 2014, 11AM, at the Burlington County Library

Seminar Description: Hitting your Target:  Effective Market Segmentation and Lead Generation:  for Business-to-Business, Consumers/Donors, and Potential Funders (for Nonprofits)

This session will cover key concepts and emerging trends related to market segmentation and lead generation, moving to a focus on relevant resources available at no extra cost via online services of the Burlington County Library (BCLS).

The audience will learn about:
•    Recent research and current trends and technologies that impact market segmentation and lead generation.

•    How to use online library resources to:

  • identify, assess, and characterize market segments

  • compare market potential of different demographic segments or geographic markets

  • leverage mapping, charting, and consumer lifestyle data to analyze markets

  • generate targeted leads for both business – to – business and business – to – consumer markets.

  • keep on top of emerging segmentation and lead generation developments relevant to their business

  • How to leverage online library resources to research and identify funding /grant opportunities (for nonprofits)

BCLS licenses FOUNDATION DIRECTORY ONLINE-THE comprehensive resource for organizations seeking to pinpoint promising funding opportunities. People who manage, work for, or volunteer for a non-profit, can use this online resource can research funding opportunities.

Joan C. Divor Bio

Titles:  Business Services Librarian and Coordinator of Community Partnerships - Burlington County Library System

Joan has over 25 years of corporate experience as a library manager, and in market research, competitive analysis and business intelligence. 

As Business Services Librarian, Joan creates services and develops resources & programs to help local businesses and non-profits leverage library and community resources to grow and succeed.  Joan markets the library to the business and community groups speaking engagements and has the designation of Competent Toastmaster from Toastmasters International.  She collaborates with organizations such as SCORE, SBDC, and Burlington County Economic Development.

As Coordinator of Community Partnerships, Joan develops relationships with key community groups and finds creative ways to bring library services to them. She offers specialized services to distinct groups such as schools, in addition to businesses and nonprofits.

Cost: FREE

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May 5, 2014, 11AM, at the Mount Laurel Library

How to Build Relationships That
Generate Business
Successful Networking

To build effective relationships you have learn how to listen. Too many people want to talk and talk and talk. Then they want to start selling right after they met you. However, to build effective relationships you have to learn how to ask questions, listen to the other person, follow up and so much more.

Coach     °      Author      °   Speaker
Manny Nowak

Learn how to Successfully build your business through Networking:
- How do you get people to remember you - in a positive way?
- How to become more approachable.
- How to be prepared for the event to get the maximum value.
- Follow up, Follow up, Follow up - the greatest key to successful networking.
- Speaking to others - how to ask questions and get them talking.
- Listening - how to really listen and how to make sure they know you care.
- Your Pitch - How effective is it?  How memorable is it?

Coach Manny Nowak is a motivational speaker, author, educator and consultant to business owners and organizations all over the country.  The central theme of his message is that we learn to be great leaders from the failures we have gone through, reviewed, understood and learned from.  By learning from our failures, we can maximize our potential.  By learning from our failures, we take control of our fear and move forward.  Manny is committed to development of outstanding leaders throughout the world.

Coach Manny's tools and processes help to bring clear, simple, easy to use applicable principles to you in all you do.  He produces a weekly newsletter and video that goes to thousands of people all over the world.  A teaching piece to helps you get better and better in your work, life, faith and family.

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